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Welcome to the Live Edge Laser Cuts & More Buy In page.


 First off I just wanted to thank you all for your valued & continued support.

I am now posting the new  Buy Ins here on the website. This will give you the flexibility of utilizing each of the payment methods available & being able to combine invoices. Currently the payment methods I accept are: Paypal, ShopPay, Sezzle, Credit/ Debit card.


I will post new BUY Ins each week still. Each week will run for 2 weeks. We will have Group A and Group B. Example Group A posted Sept 2st closes Sept 16th  at 10pm EST, Group B posted sept 9th closes Sept 23rd  at 10pm EST. If you have questions please ask.


Please keep in mind that Buy Ins are PRE-ORDERS not ready to ship. DO NOT add ANY items not listed on the Buy In page to your order. If you do, this will result in the cancellation of your order with NO REFUND issued. I do have a NO REFUND policy. Please keep this in mind.


Once ordered and paid for, the items are YOURS. Yours, to do what you please with them. I will not issue a refund or cancel any order for any reason.


Buy  Ins come in or are available at different times. You will NOT get ALL of your items at once. They will ship individually by buy in. As soon as they come in or are available, I will pack & ship immediately. This may include a wait time of up to 10 WEEKS for items to be ready for shipping from the date of closing. Again, NO REFUNDS will be issued due to the waiting process.


If there is a MAJOR flaw in a buy in item, I will replace the item. You have 3 business days to contact me from date of delivery. I will then evaluate the situation and if approved you will be required to ship the item back at your expense with in 7 business days. After receiving the item, I will pay to ship the replacements back to you. If the item is not available at the time of receipt, a giftcard will be issued. Again this must APPROVED prior to sending your items back.


ALL laser cut items including Buy ins are cut in house. They will ship as soon as I have them cut & packed. I am a 1 woman show, working as fast as I can. Please be patient.


Any questions please feel free to reach out!


-Felicia Duffield

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